In-Office Smile Designs

For our In-Office Smile Designs, one of our techs will come onsite to your dental office to digitally design, mill, and finish your patient’s restorations to ensure the most accurate and best quality product.

Same Day Smiles

From your dental office, you scan and send your digital impression to one of our trusted techs. From there we design, mill, and finish your patient’s restoration and deliver to your office in the same day.

If you don’t have a digital scanner onsite don’t worry. One of our trusted techs will come to your dental practice to assist the dentist in capturing the scan.

Digital Specialists

  • Digitally Manufactured Products
    • Provided high quality
    • High Accuracy
    • Fast turnaround times
    • Consistency
  • Can accept all Brands
    • Call to see how to submit cases
  • Highly Trained experts
    • Highly skilled
    • Highly trained technicians on digital equipment Can assist in scanning techniques
  • Design Services
    • Send to us; we design, you mill
    • Same day & Next day service

Treatment Planning

  • Highly skilled Techs
    • Dental Techs
    • Here to assist to tackle the toughest cases
  • In-office consultations
    • Smiles
    • Material explanation to patients Implant-supported
    • Prosthetic assistance
    • Material suggestions