Titanium Bar

Titanium bars are one of the strongest options for full mouth prosthetics. Titanium bars can be used to reinforce the denture, where the denture is processed around the bar and will be screw-retained. There are other options as well, we can place locator attachments on the titanium bar to allow the patient to remove the denture or a titanium bar can be fabricated to allow esthetic crowns to be cemented in place with customizes gingival composite to give it a natural appearance.


The Locator Implant Attachment System is designed for use with overdentures or partial dentures, retained in whole or in part by endosseous implants in the mandibular or maxilla.

Conus Abutments

Conus concept is a telescopic abutment design that uses friction to hold the implant-supported prosthetics in place. The combination of the tapered abutment design and the tapered cone which is embedded into the prosthetic allows for a snug fit while giving the option of removal to allow the patient to maintain proper hygiene practices.

Zirconia Hybrid

Zirconia Hybrids are constructed from our high strength standard zirconia. This type of implant-supported prosthetic is fabricated utilizing the all-on-X treatment process, which uses multi-unit abutments to support a full-arch prosthesis. Zirconia hybrids can be customized to match the patient’s tissues, and the anterior teeth can be layered with porcelain to achieve the natural look of enamel.

High-Performance Implant Dentures

An implant-supported denture is composed of a high-performance polymer substructure on top of multi-unit abutments. This substructure is then customizable with individual zirconia and/or glass-ceramic crowns before finished off with layers of gingiva composite to match the patient’s tissue. The type of restoration is lighter in weight and a lot less rigid than zirconia hybrid dentures. With the individual crowns and the gingiva, composite makes repairs (if there ever are any) much easier and quicker to complete.